weed cover for garden container
weed cover for garden container

Garden Container Weed Covers

Covers may be ordered separately. Plants not included. The dimensions of the FarmDaddy are 26"L x 16"W x 14"H.


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While the capability of the FarmDaddy® to be completely self watering planters is one of the best features, the weed cover for your garden box is going to add even more value. In addition to keeping unwanted weeds and pests out, the weed cover also helps maintain proper hydration levels for your plants, keeps nutrients from fertilizers for getting washed away by rain, and protects from harsh sunlight.

These weed covers do so much for your plants:

  • Keeps out rain out to prevent critical nutrients from being washed away
  • Conserves water by preventing evaporation
  • Keeps out invasive weeds
  • Keeps out insects that might otherwise damage your plants
  • One side of the weed cover is black and can have the black side facing out to help attract heat and sunlight, or be flipped so the white side is up to deter sunlight and heat if it is too hot or the sunlight is too harsh

FAQ (can’t find any information about these on the website, but would like to have more information for this section)

Do I really need to use the weed cover?

Yes, we highly recommend using the weed cover on each FarmDaddy® garden container. It will help keep out insects, protect the fertilizer from being washed away in heavy rain, and help your plants get the exact amount of sunlight and nutrients they need without having to worry about weeds making their way into your garden container!

Do you ship outside of the United States?

Unfortunately, we do not currently ship outside of the United States.

How long do weed covers last?

When using your garden box outside, our weed covers are designed to last for one growing season, about 3-5 months. Indoor, they can last much longer, but we still recommend replacing them when you have finished one growing season.

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