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Self Watering Garden System

With the FarmDaddy Self Watering Garden Container, anyone can grow a bounty of fresh organic fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers!

The innovative garden container design eliminates digging and weeding. Whether you live in an apartment, condo or have acres of land, you can grow a variety of edible plants effortlessly with the FarmDaddy Self Watering Garden Container! There's no weeding, and no hand-watering needed to grow amazing produce. The self watering FarmDaddy is easy to set up and connects to as many FarmDaddys as you like with just one hose!

As an example, take a mature tomato plant. This plant needs at least 2 gallons of water a day, but the FarmDaddy Self Watering Garden Container can produce upwards of 60 tomatoes during a single growing season!

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Latest News

Fall Event Calendar

Our Fall Event Calendar is now posted!  Click on the following link to be connected to our calendar page and make plans now to attend one (or more) of the home and garden shows or plant sales to get the best price on your FarmDaddy containers:  http://www.farmdaddy.com/guides.php

Welcome Trevor Fraser!

FarmDaddy would like to extend a warm welcome to our newest member, Trevor Fraser. Trevor will be in Sales and Corporate Development and comes to us with an education in horticulture and urban planning and a passion for local agriculture. He is here to help us branch out into new markets and places of need…. View Article

Lots of corn and okra

Almost 9lbs of okra and corn picked today!  It’s sure to be a good summer!

Bithlo garden completed

Another community garden completed. Thank you to all the volunteers

Setting up community garden

Setting up another community garden. Volunteers are coming out on Saturday to put in the soil and plants. Growing fresh organic vegetables for the residents of Bithlo, Florida.
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